Does this sound like you? 

~ You are debating whether you should freeze your eggs

~ You are not sure if you are ready to start a family yet but you feel like time is running out

~ You haven't found the right partner yet and you feel pressured to "date" and want to find the "one" so that you can settle down

~ You have irregular, super light, or super heavy periods

~ You take birth control but want to get off

~ You're sick of the pressure and stress of not knowing IF you can even get pregnant, or how long you have before it will be 'too late'


Get Empowered to conceive, when you're ready to. Learn about your hormones, your cycles, and how to bring your body into balance so that you can preserve your fertility for later.

Would you like to: 

  • Know how fertile you are
  • Become more fertile through natural means
  • Become happier and more peaceful in your life
  • Have more energy and focus
  • Create clear goals around when you want to have a baby and receive spiritual support to remove the blocks in the way
  • Release the burden of feeling like you’re running out of time
  • Save thousands of dollars on egg-freezing, hormones, etc.
  • Have time to do what you need to do – launch your career, artistic project, or find the partner of your dreams – and then…
  • Have your baby WHEN YOU’RE READY!!

If you answered yes to the above, you would benefit from joining our Fertility Success Gym, a D.I.Y. program to balance your hormones, optimize your fertility, and prepare for having a baby when you're ready to. 


“What can I say, I absolutely love Doctor Shah!

Without going into too much of my medical history, suffice it to say that I was desperately in search of a doctor that would work with me as part of a team to make me healthy again.  I had medical issues that were getting worse each month.  I was exhausted and felt sick constantly. I went to so many doctors trying to find someone who could help.  All I got back was doctors trying to give me pills!

I didn’t want pills that would mask my symptoms, I wanted to find out what was going on and deal with the root cause.  Enter Doctor Shah.  I knew it was going to be different the first time I sat down with her.  We actually had a real conversation and she listened!  How refreshing!!!

Since that first meeting we found some things that the other doctors should have found but didn’t.  I’m finally on the road to recovery and I literally could not have done this without her.  I know…… because I tried.  Did I mention I love Dr. Shah!?!

Do yourself a favor, if you’re in need of good medical care call her today!” – KW

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