OMG!!! You're Pregnant? Congrats!!! 

Now that you're pregnant... Does this sound like you?

~ You almost can't believe you even got pregnant (maybe it's been a long journey up to this point)

~ You're scared you're gonna lose the baby

~ You're scared being pregnant is going to SUCK, be challenging, or you're just nervous about it all

~ You've had past health issues making you aware you need extra support

~ You're healthy and feel good, and want to stay that way while pregnant!

~ You are committed to having the healthiest baby possible

If this sounds like you... The Easy Pregnancy program might be a good fit for you:

  • Monitoring through your first trimester, preventing miscarriage
  • Being symptom-free throughout your pregnancy
  • Creating a birth plan, discussing any interventions you have questions about
  • Having access to a repertoire of pre-screened resources if you need additional support
  • Getting the ultimate guide to pregnancy self-care so that you can prevent unnecessary interventions along the way
  • Have a guide to eating healthy and balanced through pregnancy
  • Prepare for the birth you want to have!

Benefits of The Easy Pregnancy Program Include:

  • Regular visits with Dr. Aum to address any health issues, discomfort, or mood issues that are coming up
  • Diet, supplement, and lifestyle prescriptions to make your pregnancy as healthy and pleasant as possible
  • Private Naturopathic, Homeopathic, and Energy Healing support from Dr. Aumatma for you and your partner, as needed
  • Be deeply held and supported during your pregnancy by a trusted ally who shares your holistic values
  • Avoid resorting to over-the-counter or prescription medications
  • Have the option to choose from non-toxic modalities that will help mend your pregnancy-related symptoms
  • Prepare for the baby to arrive with a Naturopathic Doctor as part of your team
  • Make sure you are getting all the appropriate nutrition during pregnancy
  • Have a healthy baby!
  • Prepare a vaccination-plan for the baby (alternative schedule discussion if you desire)


” I would highly recommend visiting Dr. Aum for those in need of a doctor who “thinks outside the box.” She is caring, thorough and expert in her field.”

– C.B.

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