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♥ What ingredients should you avoid in your body care products?

♥ How do you read and understand labels?

♥ Which products can you choose safely?

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  • Know exactly how fertile you and your partner are right now and what may be underlying why you can't conceive
  • Learn what may be impeding your fertility and receive a customized PLAN to address the underlying issues 100% holistically
  • Receive support from a TEAM of experts as you co-create and follow your Fertility Success Program, so that you are held and supported through everything from the challenges that may come up when trying to make diet or lifestyle changes, to the emotional stuff that may be coming up around your fertility
  • Wake up and live each day feeling alive, energized, and present without relying on sugar or caffeine to fuel you
  • Have pain-free periods that don’t interrupt your life
  • Catch any hidden health issues before they become serious
  • GET PREGNANT within 4-6 months if you join the Fertility Success Program TODAY



“I went to see Dr. Aumatma because I could not get pregnant.

My husband and I had gone through different unsuccessful fertility treatments. We were really stressed trying to decide if we were going to do a third IVF cycle when we found Dr. Aumatma.

From the beginning, she was caring and thorough. She treated me as a whole person and really invested time to get to know me and find the best ways to support me.

After the first month working with Dr. Aumatma, I got pregnant!

Working with Dr. Aumatma, I acquired new health habits that I will continue to practice. She helped me become a more balanced person nutritionally and emotionally.

Working with Dr. Aumatma was the best thing that happened to us in our journey. I recommend her completely!”
– LS
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