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Birth control and fertility


Until you’re ready to have a baby, birth control is essential. And, on average, young girls begin having sex in the early teen years and often wait to have babies till their 40s. So, that’s almost 25 years of needing “protection” from what nature intended… babies! So, what to do till then? I have so many…

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Why didn’t clomid work?


To stimulate ovulation, many women are given clomid as the first line of therapy. Usually, you don’t need to see a reproductive endocrinologist but rather, your OB/GYN can prescribe clomid for you. However, it’s often not the magic bullet. It doesn’t work for many women who have underlying problems that haven’t been diagnosed. – PCOS is…

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Is your uterus happy?


Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, undergoing IVF, or considering an egg donor (like my patient I was talking to today), you need a healthy uterus to support the growth and development of an embryo into a child. There are some key things you can look for to determine the health of your uterus.…

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The Key to Feeling Well Rested Isn’t Just The Amount Of Time You Sleep


By Richard Stevens, University of Connecticut | Photo Credit: Davi Ozolin, CC BY-NC-SA   A dark night is good for your health Today most people do not get enough sleep. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has called insufficient sleep an epidemic. While we are finally paying attention to the importance of sleep,…

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Reversing Ovarian Age: Is it possible?


Low Level Laser Therapy for Infertility Treatment Low Level Laser Therapy is widely used for anti-aging treatments today. This clinically proven method has been around in the anti-aging services for over three decades now. The way, in which these light works is by mimicking how the cells communicate with each other and thereby, boosting the…

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Some new interviews you’re going to want to hear…


On Jan 1st, I was featured in Fertility Fridays, with an interview about Post-Pill Detox and Fertility in all the different stages… You can check it out here:   And, one of my mentors was just interviewed For Women’s Wellness Radio about Mercier Therapy. You can catch that interview here:    I hope these…

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How Fat And Sugar Makes You Keep On Eating


Too much sugar and fat is affecting your brain too – not just your belly. By Terry Davidson, American University | Photo Credit: novelrobinson, CC BY-NC-SA   Fat and sugar-heavy diet harms your brain – and makes you keep on eating Do you eat only when you’re actually hungry? Many of us eat even when…

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Can I measure my fertility before it’s too late?


I saw an article recently titled “A new hormone test can give Utah women a glimpse of their fertility…” written in 2016. This article was about a hormone called AMH. And, what shocks me is that they called it a “new test” in 2016. This test is anything but new! More so, I want to…

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Don’t take the flu shot

flu shot

What you should know about taking the flu shot before you get in line…  The flu vaccine is often the norm. Between October and December, I got about 15 calls from my doctor’s office requesting that I come in for the flu shot. Ridiculous! The flu shot is a vaccine created from last year’s winning flu…

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